Purple flowering plants, these are the 10 most beautiful purple flowers for the garden

Purple flowering plants come in various shades. Below we searched from pink/purple to blue/purple. It is easy to combine with this warm color and many of the plants mentioned below can also be easily planted without overgrowth. Our top 10 purple flowering plants!

blue pillow

Blue Cushion flowers profusely in a lavender blue/purple color. The plant originates from the mountains and is therefore very suitable for a rock garden. Planted in groups, it is an excellent ground cover that combines well with other plants and eventually takes on the pillow shape that gives its name.

Height: 15 centimeters
When to sow blue pillow: autumn
Flowering time: spring
Latin name: Aubrita
Plant type: ground cover
Blue pillow likes slightly moist soil, but can also tolerate a dry spot in general.